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Tickets and Parking

Season Tickets

Seating Prioritization

All new season ticket requests and seat improvement requests are allocated using the Razorback Priority Points Program. Tickets will be allocated based on Priority Points rank within a member's current classification. All requests are assigned based upon availability.

Retaining Season Ticket Locations

To retain season ticket locations in all venues, existing season ticket holders must maintain or exceed the previous year's total Annual Fund contribution, regardless of the number of tickets purchased in each sport.

Important Note – Due to the reduction of football games in Little Rock in 2014, members who only have football tickets in Little Rock, and do not contribute to any other sport(s), will be permitted to drop their total Annual Fund contribution to retain their seats.

Seat Improvement Requests

New and current Football and Men's Basketball season ticket holders will automatically receive an appointment to select/improve their seats using our online seat selection program, RazorbackSeats3D. Seat improvement requests for Baseball, Gymnastics, Women's Basketball and Volleyball may be made online when renewing your season tickets or on your season ticket renewal form(s).

New Season Ticket Requests*

Football, Baseball & Men's Basketball: First-time season ticket purchasers must meet the minimum member classification, whichever is greater, to qualify for specific sections. Please refer to the chart below for minimum member classifications required for each section and the venue seating charts below.

Other Sports

Priority seating for volleyball, women's basketball, softball and gymnastics is available for a minimum gift of $50 to women's sports.

*Giving at the minimum member class does not guarantee tickets in desired sections. All requests are assigned based upon availability. To request new season tickets, contact the Razorback Ticket Center at (800) 982-4647.

First time season ticket purchasers & seats improvements for all sports

Football, Baseball & Men's Basketball: For first time football season ticket purchasers or current season ticket holders wanting to improve seating, the required member classification for each section is listed in the chart below. Seating access at athletic events is determined by a member's priority ranking, which includes current member classification and total priority points.

Best available sections based upon membership level

  Maximum number of priority tickets allotted Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium Baum-Walker Stadium Bud Walton Arena*
Broyles-Matthews Platinum $20,000+ 18 All Sections All Sections All Sections, All Rows
Broyles-Matthews Gold $10,000-$19,999 14 All Sections 107, 113 All Sections, All Rows
Broyles-Matthews Silver $5,000-$9,999 12 W103, W105, E123 106, 114 All Sections, All Rows
Super Hog $3,000-$4,999 8 E122, E124 105 101, 117-119, 135-136 Lower Level, Rows 9-22
Wild Hog $2,000-$2,999 6 W102, W106, S129-S135 104 102, 115, 120 Lower Level, Rows 9-22
Tush Hog $1,000-$1,999 6 Pig Heaven (W500-W508 & E522-E524) 103 104-105b, 107-111a, 112- 113b, 122-123b, 125-129a
Big Hog $500-$999 4 W101, W107, E121, S127-128, S136-137, W504, Rows 1-12, E523, Rows 1-6 Pig Heaven (E518-E521 & E525-E528) 102, 115 201-203, 215-221, 233- 236 Upper Level, Rows 1-3
Big Red $100-$499 4 W503, Rows 1-12, W505, Rows 1-12, E522, Rows 1-6, E524, Rows 1-6 101, 116 107-111b, 125-129b, 204-214c
Razorback $50-$99 2 W502, Rows 1-12 W506, Rows 1-12 100 201-203, 215-221, 233- 236 Upper Level, Rows 4-15

* A member must be at least a Broyles-Matthews Silver level member to qualify for Men's Basketball season ticket(s) in sections 101-105, 112-123 and 135-136, rows A-8 as well as rows A-M in sections 107-111 and 125-129.

Please note: Sections are subject to change without notice.


  • a=lower level, rows 1-8
  • b=lower level, rows 9-22/24
  • c=upper level, rows 1-3

Priority Seating Maps

To select or relocate tickets in each venue, a member must meet the minimum membership level requirements to qualify for each section in each venue. All seats are based upon availability and giving at the minimum membership level does not guarantee tickets in desired sections.