Overview & Policies

Tickets and Parking

Tickets and Parking

Overview & Policies

Season Ticket & Parking Policies


Priority season tickets and parking are offered to Razorback Foundation members for the following sports.

  • Men's Sports:
    • Football
    • Men's Basketball
    • Baseball
  • Women's Sports:
    • Volleyball
    • Women's Basketball
    • Gymnastics

General admission season tickets are available for purchase each year for the following sports.

  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Men's & Women's Track & Field
    • Razorback Foundation Annual Fund members are given the first opportunity to renew or purchase season tickets to these sports each year.

Your Razorback Foundation Annual Fund membership level determines how many season tickets, parking passes, and which specific sections within each athletic venue you qualify for.

To retain your season tickets and parking, you must meet or exceed your previous year's Annual Fund contribution.

All sections, ticket limits, and membership requirements are subject to change on a year-to-year basis and without notice.

Adding To or Changing Your Seating and Parking Locations

Any seating or parking addition, movement or improvement for Football, Men's Basketball, and Baseball should be done during the Razorback Seat and Parking selection process for each sport.

To add or change reserved priority seating in Olympic and women's sports, please contact the Razorback Ticket Center by calling 479-575-5151 or emailing raztk@uark.edu.

To add or change parking locations for Olympic and women's sports, please contact the Razorback Foundation by calling 479-443-9000 or emailing gohogs@razorbackfoundation.com

PLEASE NOTE: Giving the minimum member level requirement for sections in our venues or parking does not guarantee tickets or parking in a desired area as it is all based on available inventory.

Ticket Transfers

Members may submit a request to transfer their tickets and/or account to immediate family members only (parents, current spouse, children, or siblings). The request must be submitted in writing to the Razorback Foundation.

  • To retain the same seating, the new account holder must increase to the required annual fund contribution OR maintain the current account holder's contribution if the required giving level is already being met.
  • Suites, loge boxes, and any parking associated with them are not eligible for transfer.
  • NOTE: Requests to merge and account name changes of any kind are subject to the same policies.

Seat Relocation

Seating and parking in all venues are subject to relocation if:

  • Annual fund contribution is not maintained
  • Any season ticket renewal deadlines or annual fund deadlines are not met
  • There is an outstanding balance from the previous year
  • Renovations or construction projects impact seating
  • Foundation or Ticket Office communicate that there will be a reseat in any venue

The Razorback Foundation or Ticket Office reserves the right to hold your tickets until all balances for both parties are paid in full.

Seating and Parking Selection Process

Selection Process Overview

Razorback Seating and Parking selection is an annual process during which you can:

  • Make changes to your current season tickets and parking assignments as availability allows.
  • Add new season tickets or parking as availability allows.

Selection processes are offered for the following sports.

  • Football
  • Men's Basketball
  • Baseball (Seat selection only)

All current Razorback Foundation members will receive an appointment time via email approximately a week prior to the start of the process for each sport.

Annual Anticipated Process Start Dates for Each Sport:

  • Football Seating and Parking Selection: Mid-April or Early May
  • Men's Basketball Seating and Parking Selection: Late July or Early August
  • Baseball Seat Selection: Early December
    • Please note that parking is currently not a part of the selection process for Baseball.

Appointment times are based on Razorback Foundation membership class and priority points. You will be ranked within your membership level based on your current priority points.

Participating in this process is 100% optional.

You are not required to login to the selection site at your assigned appointment time if you are not interested in making any changes to current assignments or adding new season tickets and parking.

At your assigned appointment time, you can view/select available seating on one tab, followed by parking on another tab.

When selecting, the system will alert you when you are selecting seating or parking that is in a higher membership class - you will not be charged when checking out, but you will be billed from the Razorback Foundation after the process.

Those who currently do not qualify for parking will have the opportunity to view availability and increase their membership level as necessary to secure parking during their assigned appointment time.

If you are interested in making changes to your current seating assignments or adding new season tickets for Olympic or women's sports, please contact the Razorback Ticket Center by calling 479-575-5151.

If you are interested in making changes to your current parking assignments or securing new parking for Olympic or women's sports, please contact the Razorback Foundation by calling 479-443-9000.

Selection Process Policies

You cannot select seats prior to your appointment time.

  • For example, if there is a group of four (4) seats together, you can select one (1), two (2), or all four (4), but cannot select three (3) and leave one seat by itself.

You cannot move your parking assignment to a lot where you are already assigned a pass. Having more than one (1) parking pass within the same lot is not permitted.

Any seating or parking movement or improvement must be done during the Razorback Seat and Parking selection process for each sport. No requests for changes will be accepted after the end of the process for each sport.


Mobile season tickets will not be delivered to your app until all respective pledge balances are paid in full.