Tickets and Parking

Tickets and Parking


Seat Selection Process

This is an annual process that provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Make changes to your current baseball season ticket assignments.
  • Add new season tickets as availability allows.

Appointment times are based on Razorback Foundation membership class and priority points. You will be ranked within your membership level based on your current priority points.

Participating in this process is 100% optional.

At your assigned appointment time, you can view available seating.

You are not required to login to the selection site at your assigned appointment time if you are not interested in making any changes to current assignments or adding new season tickets.

When selecting seats, the system will alert you when you are selecting seats in a higher membership class - you will not be charged when checking out, but you will be invoiced by the Razorback Foundation after the process ends.

You will not be able to strand a single seat.

  • For example, if there is a group of four (4) seats together, you can select one (1), two (2), or all four (4), but cannot select three (3) and leave one seat by itself.

Any Baseball seating movement must be done during this process. No requests for changes will be accepted after the end of this process.

Unlike Football and Men's Basketball, parking selection is not offered during this process and will be assigned by the Razorback Foundation based on your membership level and availability.


Baum-Walker Stadium Priority Seating

New Season Tickets - Baum-Walker Stadium

The best opportunity to secure new Baseball season tickets is during the annual online selection process that takes place each fall/winter.

Please note, season tickets have sold out during the selection process every year since 2019. When season tickets sell out during this process varies year to year.

2024 Season Sell Out Points:

  • Reserved Chairback Seating: Broyles-Matthews Gold member with 930.3 priority points.
  • Hog Pen: Tush Hog member with 132.88 priority points.

Season Ticket Renewals

Baseball season tickets are eligible for renewal each year. The process tentatively takes place annually in October.

To retain Baseball season ticket locations, existing season ticket holders must maintain or exceed the previous year's total Annual Fund contribution, regardless of seat location or the number of tickets purchased.

Membership Level Requirements

The minimum membership level requirement set for each section of Baum-Walker Stadium must be met or exceeded to retain current seating or secure new seating in that area.

Donating the minimum member level requirement for sections in Baum-Walker Stadium does not guarantee tickets in a desired area as it is all based on available inventory.

All sections, ticket limits, and membership requirements are subject to change on a year-to-year basis and without notice.

The Razorback Foundation or Razorback Ticket Center reserves the right to hold your tickets until all balances for both parties are paid in full.

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Stadium Map


How To Qualify for Baseball Parking:

Purchase Baseball season tickets.

Donate $100.00 or more annually to the Razorback Foundation annual fund.

Parking Pass Allocations:

To be allocated a Cardinal Parking pass, you must donate a minimum of $5,000 and have Baseball season tickets.

To be allocated a Baum East Parking pass, you must donate a minimum of $100 and have Baseball season tickets.

Public Parking is available in Lot 99. There is also a limited amount of public parking in Baum East for mid-week and non-conference games.

All parking passes are physical passes and will be mailed to pass holders prior to the start of each season.

To retain your Baseball parking pass(es), you must meet or exceed the Annual Fund Contribution you were donating when you acquired your parking passes.

All parking lots, pass limits, and membership requirements are subject to change on a year-to-year basis and without notice.

Number of Parking Passes Allowed:

Your membership level and total quantity of season tickets determine the maximum amount of parking passes you are eligible for.

Members are eligible for one (1) parking pass for every five (5) season tickets purchased, up to the maximum pass limits listed below for each membership level.

  • Big Hogs, Tush Hogs, and Wild Hogs qualify for a maximum of one (1) parking pass.
  • Super Hogs, Broyles-Matthews Silver, Broyles-Matthews Gold Broyles-Matthews Platinum donors qualify for up to a maximum of two (2) parking passes.

ADA Parking

ADA parking is available to those with a state-issued ADA parking permit in the Baum-Walker East (BE) parking lot on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Drop off's are permitted outside of Baum-Walker Stadium on Baum Dr. and DeBriyn Dr. before parking your vehicle in the Baum-Walker East (BE) parking lot.

Public Parking

Free public parking is available on a first come, first serve basis in lot 99 on game days only beginning two and half (2.5) hours prior to first pitch and ending one (1) hour after each game.

Please note, the University of Arkansas parking and transit department reserves the right to ticket or tow non Fayetteville campus parking permit holders outside of the time frames listed above.

No overnight parking is allowed.

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parking map