Tickets and Parking


Tickets and Parking


Parking Allocation

Parking allocation for qualified members is based upon your:

  • Current membership level with the Razorback Foundation
  • Total priority points within your membership level
  • Availability in all parking lots

All parking assignments are subject to relocation based upon lot availability, construction, and other unforeseen events.

Priority Parking Minimum Contributions*

To qualify for priority parking, patrons must be:

  • Season ticket holders for the sport
  • Members of the Razorback Foundation and contributing the following minimum amounts to be eligible to receive a parking pass for the season
Football: $750
Men's Basketball: $500
Baseball: $100
Women's Basketball, Gymnastics and Volleyball: $50

*Subject to change

Parking Limits

Members are assigned one parking pass for every five tickets purchased, up to the limits below. These limits are the maximum number of parking passes members may receive regardless of classification and number of tickets purchased. All parking assignments are based upon availability. Passes in all parking lots count towards priority parking limits.

Member Classification Limits
Broyles-Matthews Platinum — $20,000 5
Broyles-Matthews Gold — $10,000 3
Broyles-Matthews Silver — $5,000 2
Super Hog — $3,000 2
Wild Hog — $2,000 1
Tush Hog — $1,000 1
Big Hog — Minimum of $750 1

ADA Parking

ADA accessible parking is available with a state issued hangtag or license plate in the following areas on a first-come, first-served basis:

Football (Fayetteville): Lot 56 and Baum-Walker East

Football (Little Rock): Behind the Health Department

Baseball: Baum-Walker East

Men's Basketball: Lot 56

Women's Basketball: All lots

Gymnastics and Volleyball: Lot 45

The Gardens

Parking in the Gardens is only available for home Football games in Fayetteville. To be eligible for a reserved parking space in the Gardens:

  • Patrons must be current Football season ticket holders

Gardens parking spaces cost $510 each on top of the annual contribution requirement to the Razorback Foundation.

For more information, contact the Razorback Foundation by calling (479) 443-9000 or emailing


To qualify for RV Parking, patrons must:

  • Be current members of the Razorback Foundation

For more information regarding RV parking during Fayetteville games, contact The Road Hog Park at (479) 409-8178. For Little Rock games, contact War Memorial Stadium at (501) 663-6385.