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News & Updates

JANUARY 30, 2019

2019 Annual Fund Campaign Marks 40-Year Anniversary of The Razorback Foundation, Inc.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The Razorback Foundation today announced a year-long celebration to recognize a legacy of giving by members of the Razorback Foundation over the past 40 years dating back to 1979.

"For the past 40 years, generations of Arkansans and loyal fans have joined together as members of the Razorback Foundation because the Razorbacks represent the great State of Arkansas and unify us as members of the Razorback family," said Scott Varady, executive director of the Razorback Foundation. "Every single member of the Razorback Foundation is important to the success of Razorback Athletics, and every gift, no matter how large or small, makes a positive impact on our program in many ways. We celebrate the remarkable fact that approximately 1,350 members of the Razorback Foundation have been supporting the Razorbacks for the past 40 years. Today the Razorback Foundation is thriving with more than 16,000 members. Everyone makes a difference, and we are thankful for all our members."

In the early 1970s, legendary football coach Frank Broyles, coach Wilson Matthews, athletic director George Cole and a small group of business leaders formed the Razorback Scholarship Fund in an effort to create an innovative way for fans to support the athletic program while receiving benefits and recognition. Financial support in the early years was essential in providing scholarships, facilities and programs to advance Razorback Athletics within the then prominent Southwest Conference. Those efforts continue today through the Razorback Foundation.

"The Razorback Foundation continues to play an essential role in the success of our program and most importantly the generosity of its members is having a transformational impact on the lives of our student-athletes," said Hunter Yurachek, vice chancellor and director of athletics at the University of Arkansas. "The Razorback Foundation is the lifeblood of our support and allows us to provide our student-athletes and coaches with the resources necessary to compete and win in the SEC and nationally. We are grateful to the many long-time Foundation members, as well as those who have joined the Razorback Foundation more recently, as we continue to work together to achieve our mission of Building Champions and Razorbacks for Life."

Following the University of Arkansas' move to the Southeastern Conference, the Razorback Foundation has played an instrumental role in providing private gift support for scholarships and the construction and renovation of more than 15 of the finest facilities in the conference and the nation. Over the past 40 years, thousands of student-athletes have experienced the opportunity to be successful athletically, academically, and as members of the community while competing for the University of Arkansas across 19 sports thanks to the generous support of Razorback Foundation members.

"Since I stepped onto campus as an athletic trainer in 1973, I have been financially supportive of Razorback Athletics through the Foundation," said Dean Weber, former long-time Arkansas athletics trainer and current member of the Razorback Foundation team. "Every day for more than 40 years, I've seen the positive impact private gift support from the Foundation has had on all facets of Razorback Athletics – from the world-class facilities to the programs offered to our student-athletes – generations of Razorbacks have been positively impacted by the Foundation."

"We're grateful for each member of the Razorback Foundation who invests not only in Razorback Athletics and the University of Arkansas, but in our future leaders," Varady continued. "Throughout the year we'll be sharing Foundation member stories and hosting special events to show our appreciation for the continued support of the Razorback Nation.

Collectively, we believe Arkansans can achieve anything together. We believe Razorback Foundation members and fans should take great pride in the fact that Razorback Athletics is one of a handful of NCAA Division I Athletic Departments in the nation that is financially self-sustaining and requires no UA student fees revenue or taxpayer support."

To become a member of the Razorback Foundation, call us at (479) 443-9000 or email us at gohogs@razorbackfoundation.com for more information.