Annual Fund


Annual Fund


Despite the numerous challenges presented by the pandemic, our Razorbacks continue to excel in the classroom and in competition. The fall semester boasted a department GPA of 3.21 with 28 graduates. Currently 14 of our 16 spring sports are ranked within the Top 25 nationally!

There is still much to be accomplished and we cannot do that without your help! As you complete your membership renewals, we respectfully ask you to consider increasing your pledge this year in one of two ways:

  • Renew your 2020 Annual Fund gift with a 10% increase for 2021 – earn 3x bonus priority points!
  • Increase your pledge to the next membership level – earn 5x bonus priority points!

You can review how priority points benefit you HERE

If each of our members commits an extra 10%, an additional $1,600,000 would be generated for student-athletes! And if each member committed to “level up”, collectively we could generate almost $11,000,000 more than last year! Just think of the ways that could positively impact the Razorbacks!

Early Payment Incentive

By pledging and paying (or setting up a payment plan) by March 26, you will earn 10 bonus priority points!

Refer a Member

Throughout our history, one key to the success of Razorback Athletics has been the sustained growth of Razorback Foundation memberships. Help us generate that support again! Because you know who our next best fans are, we are also asking you to refer at least one new person or business to join the Razorback Foundation this year. In appreciation for every referral who joins, we will award 10 bonus Priority Points to you AND the new member you referred! You can submit a referral HERE.

ONE Drive / One Deadline

We are excited to share our plan for simplifying the Annual Fund process more than ever!

Beginning this year, it is no longer required to allocate your Annual Fund gift to different sports. As ONE Razorback, all Annual Fund donations support all Razorbacks, and we eliminate the past confusion of multiple payment deadlines throughout the year. To further simplify the process, all payments may be paid online and are due on one date – June 30, 2021. If needed, however, the Foundation is happy to set up a payment plan. Payment plans can be scheduled as monthly installments, or we can schedule to charge the full amount to your credit card on June 30, 2021.

Additional ticket transfer policy:

  1. Members may permanently transfer tickets to family or non-family seeking to form their own account, assuming both parties agree to the transfer.
    • A spouse’s name may be added to an account at any time
    • Addition of any other names will be treated as an account transfer
  2. The transferee’s new account donation level must cover the current annual fund requirement for the seating location of the transferred tickets.
    • Transfers in the South Clubs will require the new member to join at a minimum of a Tush Hog level.
    • Transfers in the East Club will require the new member to join at a minimum of a Tush Hog or Super Hog donation:
      • Regular Capital Club (section E330-E335 and E339-E344) require Tush Hog donation
      • Premium Capital Club (section E336-E338) require Super Hog donation
  3. Consistent with Foundation policy, the original account holder cannot drop total giving and retain remaining tickets (even after transferring part of their ticket allotment).
  4. If a donor is seeking to transfer their entire account to a family or non-family member, the current policy of meeting the greater of either the current donor level paid by the transferring member or the current required donation for the seat location applies.
    • Therefore, grandfathered tickets cannot be transferred unless the new member account agrees to pay the current annual fund requirement for the tickets.
  5. Suites are not eligible for transfer.
  6. Parking is not eligible for transfer.