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By supporting the Razorback Foundation, you demonstrate a commitment to Razorback Athletics and the student-athletes that work hard every day to earn the honor of being a Razorback.

You also help us build upon a legacy of excellence through the investments we make together in upgraded and new facilities, programs and scholarships. Your investment plays a critical role in the University's athletic program and allows us to continue building one of the premier programs in the SEC.

It has never been easier to become a member and make a difference. Your Razorback Foundation membership can begin with a contribution as small as $50, which also unlocks a number of benefits for you. Learn more about these benefits or download the 2014 member brochure

If you are ready to join us, make a gift online or contact the Foundation.

Letter of Intent


How is my gift to the Razorback Foundation used?

Contributions are used to support the athletic endeavors of Arkansas Athletics by providing scholarship support, building or renovating athletic facilities, and other programs designed to help student-athletes excel in the classroom and in competition.

What are the benefits of being a Razorback Foundation member?

Being an active member of the Razorback Foundation is not only an investment in the athletic program and the University of Arkansas, it also unlocks many special benefits to you. Those include, but are not limited to, priority seating and parking for athletic events, priority points, and invitations to exclusive member-only events. Learn more about all available Foundation benefits.

How do I purchase season tickets for the first time?
New members may contact the Razorback Ticket Center at 800.982.4647 or send an email to request season ticket application(s). All new season ticket requests are based upon availability and are allocated using the Razorback Priority Points Program. Visit Season Ticket Information for more information.
How are seats assigned?

All new season ticket requests and seat improvement requests will be allocated using the new Razorback Priority Points Program. Tickets will be allocated based on Priority Points rank within a member's current classification. All requests are assigned based upon availability.

Football - New Foundation members who submit their season ticket request by March 31 will have the ability to select their seats online. New members will receive a selection date and time which will be based on their Priority Points rank within their membership class. More information on the football seat selection process will be sent at a later time.

Do I have to make a donation every year?
Yes. If you made a gift to the Razorback Foundation in order to secure season tickets you must either maintain or exceed the previous year's total Annual Fund contribution or required seat value totals, whichever is greater, to retain season ticket and parking locations in all venues.
Will I be able to renew the same seats each year?
Yes. As long as you either maintain or exceed the previous year's total Annual Fund contribution and renew your tickets by the deadline, you will be able to retain the season tickets in that location.
How can I get better seats in future years?

All seating requests must be made in writing and can be included on your season ticket renewal application, or you may submit a separate written request to the Razorback Ticket Office or Razorback Foundation via email, fax, or mail. Be sure to describe in as much detail as possible exactly what you are requesting. Customers who renew seats online may make their requests on their online ticket renewal.

Because all ticket requests will be allocated based on Priority Points rank within a member’s current classification, donating to the Razorback Foundation remains the best way to acquire or improve season tickets. While a gift increases your opportunity to acquire new or upgraded tickets, it is not an implicit guarantee of tickets or ticket locations. If you have questions regarding specific seating locations, please contact the Razorback Foundation at 479.443.9000 or 877.436.0013.

What are priority points and do I get them?

In an effort to more equitably serve Razorback Foundation members, a system was developed and implemented in 2013 to determine rankings for season ticket placement and acquiring tickets to away games, postseason tournaments and championships, bowl games and other special events. The Razorback Priority Points Program is also used to allocate other Razorback Foundation benefits like priority parking and requests for seating upgrades.

For a complete description of the Razorback Priority Points Program, click here.

When/how do I pay for my new season tickets?
Payment deadlines vary by sport. Please contact the Razorback Ticket Center at 800.982.4647 send an email for more information.
What is the Letter of Intent? Do I need to fill one out?

The Letter of Intent summarizes your financial commitment to all Razorback Athletic programs for the upcoming athletic season (ie 2014-15 season) and offers the option to establish automatic payment plans.

To ensure priority for seating and parking allocation purposes, new members are asked to complete the Letter of Intent and return it to the Razorback Foundation by March 31, 2014. Payment deadlines can be found here.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Generally, 80 percent of the amount contributed for priority seating is tax deductible and any other contributions given in excess of goods or services received may be taken as a charitable deduction. Consult your tax advisor with specific questions.

Outlining Your Contributions for the 2014-15 Athletic Season

In 2013, the Razorback Foundation implemented a Letter of Intent to help streamline the giving process. The Letter of Intent summarizes your financial commitment to ALL RAZORBACK ATHLETIC PROGRAMS for the 2014-15 season and offers the option to establish automatic payment plans.

The Letter of Intent is sent to all current Foundation members every January. Blank Letters of Intent are available to download, by calling 479.443.9000 or via email at gohogs/razorbackfoundation//com.

Current members, and those who wish to join the Razorback Foundation, are asked to complete the Letter of Intent and return it to the Razorback Foundation by March 31, 2014. Payment deadlines are listed here.

There are several ways to make your 2014-15 commitment:

  1. Complete the Letter of Intent in its entirety, print, sign and return to the Razorback Foundation
  2. Online (partial payment must be included with each pledge made online)
  3. Over the phone by calling 479.443.9000 or 877.436.0013

Important Note – To maintain seat locations in all venues, members must meet or exceed the previous year's total Annual Fund contribution*, regardless of the number of season tickets purchased in each sport. Current Foundation members are encouraged to keep this in mind when completing their 2014 Letter of Intent.

*Due to the reduction of football games in Little Rock beginning in 2014, members who only have tickets for the football game in Little Rock, and do not contribute to any other sport(s), will be permitted to drop their total annual fund contribution to the minimum seat values listed here and retain their seats. A minimum gift of $750 to football is still required to qualify for parking.