Mission Statement

The mission of the Razorback Foundation Inc. is to support the athletic endeavors of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

The Foundation assists our student-athletes by providing financial support for scholarships, facilities and various programs that enable them to realize their dreams of achieving a quality college education while participating in athletics on a nationally competitive level.

Why We Need Your Help

The Razorback Foundation, a separate and self-supporting nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity, serves as the fundraising arm of the University of Arkansas Athletic Department.

Through contributions from our members, who understand the need and cost of maintaining a premier athletic program, we are able to provide scholarship support for more than 460 student-athletes, funding to support facility enhancements and financial assistance to other programs designed to elevate student-athletes and Arkansas athletics.

Being an active member of the Razorback Foundation is not only an investment in the athletic program and the University of Arkansas, it also unlocks many special benefits to you. Those include, but are not limited to, priority seating and parking for athletic events, priority points, and invitations to exclusive member-only events. You can find additional information about all available Foundation benefits by visiting Member Levels and Benefits.

A Tradition of Excellence

In the early 1970s, the now legendary football coach Frank Broyles, coach Wilson Matthews, athletic director George Cole and a small group of business leaders formed the Razorback Scholarship Fund in an effort to create an innovative way for fans to support the athletic program while receiving benefits and recognition. Financial support in the early years was essential in providing scholarships, facilities and programs to advance Razorback Athletics within the then prominent Southwest Conference.

Following a name change in 1988 and a move to the Southeastern Conference, the Razorback Foundation has played an instrumental role in the construction projects of some of the finest facilities in the conference and the nation. Projects include:

  • Bud Walton Arena
  • Broyles Athletic Center
  • Charlie Baum Stadium
  • John McDonnell Field
  • Willard and Pat Walker Pavilion
  • Fred and Mary Smith Golf Center
  • Randal Tyson Track Center
  • George M. Billingsley Tennis Center
  • Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium
  • Bogle Park
  • Bev Lewis Center
  • Student-Athlete Success Center (Summer 2015)
  • Fred W. Smith Football Center
  • Basketball Performance Center (Summer 2015)
  • Fowler Family Baseball and Track Training Center

Today, the goal of the Razorback Foundation is to provide funding necessary to help all student-athletes excel while upholding the University's high standard of excellence in the classroom and on the field for generations to come.


The Razorback Foundation sincerely appreciates and thanks all current members for their support, including those members listed below who have committed to supporting the Razorbacks at the Broyles-Matthews Gold or Platinum levels.


Alex Vieweg
Angela Ryan/McBride Distributing Company, Inc.
APAC - Central Inc.
Arkansas Braces
Arkansas Power & Light Company
Arkwest Communications
Arvest Bank
Bank of America (Little Rock & Northwest Arkansas)
Brad Carter Family (Zack, Kinzie, & Paige)
Brent, Judy, Leigh, Trey & Ruby McGruder
Chris, Suzanne, Whit & Emory Turner
Clay, Lou Anne, Campbell, Trace & Wesley Carlock
Crain Family Holdings, LLC
Cravens-Clark Insurance
Daniel & Janet Yeager
David Bokker, LeAnn B. Travis
David E. Snowden, Jr.
Dillard Department Stores, Inc.
Doug & Shelley McMillon
Downstream Casino Resort
Dwight Everett, Everett Group LLC
Essa & Grace Alley
Fort Smith QB Razorback Club
Frank E. Humphreys, III
Friday, Eldredge & Clark
Garrison Financial
Gene & Jean Hudson
Great Day Farms
Greers Ferry Lake Area Razorback Club
Jim Williams, Jr.
John & Tamara Roberts Family
Johnson & Johnson
Josh, Jenny & Joshua Kilgore
Justin Moore
Keith & Mindy West, Heather Nunn, Brooke & Fred West
Keith Cogswell/Cogswell Motors
Kelly D. & Rebecca A. Pope
Kirk Thompson
Larry Crain - Crain Automotive Team
Marilyn & Bob Bogle
McGeorge Contracting Co., Inc.
Mike & Sherri Long
Mike Jordan Company, LLC
Mike/Dottie Lou Buffington & Glen/Elizabeth Nichols
Neff & Scarlett Basore
Northeast Arkansas Razorback Club
Parkhill Clinic for Women-Dr. George R. Cole & Dr. James C. Romine
Patterson Family
Pauline Whitaker
Petit Jean Razorback Club
Rausch Coleman Homes
Rebecca Rice & Associates
Redman and Associates, LLC
Reliance Health Care
Replacement Parts Inc. (Crow-Burlingame/Parts Warehouse)
Sam & Janet Alley Family Foundation
Sam Carter
Schueck Steel Company
Ted C. Skokos
The Cormacks, Hog Country Media LLC
The Flying Hawgs LLC
The George Billingsley Northwest Arkansas Razorback Club
The Steve & Cathy Hornbeck Family
Todd Ross
Transportation Insight, LLC
Travis & Sarah Ruff
Trey & Tiffani Patterson
Truck Centers of Arkansas
Wallace, Chris & Mark Fowler
Windstream Communications


Adcock - Pambianchi Trust
Anna, Lynn, Clara, Don & Sydney Parker
Arkansas Alumni Association
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Arkansas Gastroenterology-North Little Rock
Arkansas Health & Wellness
Arkansas Pulpwood Co., Inc.
Armstrong Bank
B & B Solutions
Bad Boy Mowers
Bale Chevrolet Co.
Baxter County Razorback Club
Berry & Laurie Bishop
Betty & Thomas W. Rogers
BHC Insurance
Bill & Susan Montgomery
Bill Gwatney/Gwatney Chevrolet
Bo Busby
Billy Duffield & Jimmy Younts
Bob & Becky Alexander
Bob & Janet Stegall
Bob Russell/Russell Chevrolet-Honda
Bobby & Pam Nichols
Bobby Rowlett
Boozman-Hof Regional Eye Clinic, P.A.
Boyce Woollard Billingsley
Bruns Development
Bryan & Mandy Hunt
Byrum Kelly
Cam & Sandy Horton
Carman, Inc.
Carole & Jim Williamson/Mary & Dr. Andrew Riche'
Centennial Bank
Chris & Tracy Brengard
Chris, Missy, Abbi & Faith Harlin
Chuck & Robert Erwin
Clayton & Gina Hughes
Cobb's Westside Pharmacy, Inc.
CornerStone Health Care/Allen Kilgore
County Line Liquor
Crowne Plaza
Cynthia & Jerry Beller
Dale & Diane Williams Grandkids
David & Cindy Alphin
David & Laura Stone
David & Michele Baskin
David Mee & Elizabeth Ammons
David Slone
Dee & Tom Buffington
Delta Razorback Club
Don & Carolyn McIntosh
Don & Debra Harris
Donald B. Weis
Dr. & Mrs. Calvin Bracy (Wells, Hudson Claire & Jed)
Dr. Brad, Cathy & Berkley Bibb
Dr. Josie Futrell & Dr. Mike Futrell
Dr. Mitchell Collins
Dr. Robert Jolly, Jr.
Dr. Travis D. Burkett
DRCO John R. Reynolds, Sr.
Drs. Moore, Mooney, & Coussens
Ed & Charleen Copeland
Ed & Leslie Wilson
Edward James Holding Company
Elizabeth Small/Chester Phillips/PDC Companies
Fiori Family
First Arkansas Bank & Trust
First N Fiber LLC
Forsgren, Inc.
Frank Fletcher, Jr.
Fred W. Smith
Gene & Debbie Riley
General Mills
Gerald & Gloria Casteel
Gerald B. Jones/Jones Motorcars, Inc.
Greater Dallas Razorback Club
Greene Family Foundations
Greg & Kelly Garrison
Greg W. & Hannah Lee
H.C. Schmieding Produce Co., Inc.
Harps Food Store, Inc.
Harrison Energy Partners
HEBCO, INC. - Billingsley Family
Herbert Ray & Darlene Martin
Hot Springs Village Razorback Club
Hugg & Hall Equipment
Hutton & Candace Nobles
Hyneman & Associates, Inc.
James C. Spann, M.D.
James Hudson/Hudson & Associates
Jay & Marc Heflin
Jeff & Fanny Long
Jeff Beaudette
Jerry Langley
Jim & Donna Bottin
Jim & Druanne Stockland
Jim & Jacqui Lefler
Jim Lindsey/Lindsey & Associates
Jim Nabors/Ryder Transportation Services
Jimmy C. Dodd, Jr.
Jimmy Cone
Jody Thornton
John & Caroline Clarke
John & Cindy Morrison
John A. & Evelyn S. Rife Memorial
John David Lindsey
Jon Dyer Family
Joseph W. Park
Joyce & Taylor Brown
Julian Stewart
Justin & Patricia Morrow, Michael & Samantha McClain, & Ovid Maximus
Kate A. Simpson-Nordyke & Sons
Kate, Buckley, Jackson, Kim & Cambrie Blew
Katherine & Scott Galloway
KeepSakes, Inc. / David & Jane Judkins
Keeton International LLC/Brandon Keeton
Keith, Laura, Hayden & Grant Blythe
Kenneth Wilson & Ramon Wilson
Kevin Grover Oldsmobile-GMC
Kurt Wilkin & Sons
Lance, Ashley, Harrison, Lydia Lee
Legacy Equipment LLC-Tom Kirk
Leland & Betty Tollett
Linda & Buddy Wray
Little Rock Razorback Club
Maggie Blair Stone
Magness Buick/Toyota Co.
Mahan Enterprises, Dick & Paul Mahan
Marcia & Dr. Jeff Johnson
Mardis Investment, Inc.
Mark & Angela Waldrip
Mark White
Marsha Cohn & Family
Mary Ann & Reed Greenwood
Marybeth & Micky Mayfield
Matt Jones & Jason Prather
Medical Park Orthopaedic Clinic, P. A./J. D. Allen, M.D. & Jeff D. Angel, M.D.
Memphis - East Arkansas Razorback Club
Merchants & Planters Bank
Michael & Constance Morse
Michael & Kimberly Calhoun
Michael & Tina Bahn
Michael C. Ihrie Family
Mickey Berg
Mike Akin
Mike Maulden
Mississippi County Razorback Club
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Hudson
Mrs. Lacy Harris & Family
Mrs. Leslie Simpson Sydow
Mrs. Robert E. Elliott
Mrs. Sandy Erwin
Munson, Rowlett, Moore & Boone, P.A.
Natural Building Solutions
Nicholas & Carolyn Cole
Noel Morris
Norman Family Memorial
Ozark Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Packaging Specialties, Inc.
Pat Gazzola
Patty & Bobby Wright
Paul & Terri Reano
Phil & Phyllis Carruth
Phillips Well Service - Jim Phillips
Pinnacle Structures, Inc.
Plunkett, Boerner & Associates, Inc.
Poinsett Rice & Grain
Porter Rodgers Farms, Inc.
Professional Business Systems
Pruitt Tool Company, Inc.
Rachelle & David "Smac" McConnell
Randy & Whitney Adkins, Hatley, Whitley, Zoey & Rhett
Regions Insurance
Reliable Poultry
RGC Glass, Inc.
Richard D. Chapman
Richard, Vickie & Pryce Robertson
Rick Watkins/The Watkins Company
Rob & Stella McCrary
Robert & Susan Patton
Roger & Marilyn McMennamy
Rogers Medical Center
Scott & Nicole Tassani
Sean & Renita Trumbo
Sharp Properties and Development
Simmons First National Bank
Simpson Family
Smackover Pump Co.
Smith Automotive Group
Smith Hurst, PLC
Stephen Stafford
Stephen Valentine
Susan & Randy West
Suzy & Chuck Fehlig
Terry & Rena Littleton Family
Terry Gray Family
The Adams Family
The Cashion Company, Inc.
The Chandler Family
The First National Bank of Fort Smith
The Surgical Clinic of Central Arkansas
The Turner Family
The White Family
Tim & Teresa DeVore
Total Market Research
Virginia & Byron Crain
Vold Vision, PLLC
White River Razorback Club
Windsor Lake Properties, LLC
Wood Kaufman